Tuesday, July 12, 2016

5 Ways to Disconnect (Technologically) This Summer

You're on holiday! Isn't it time to take a break from all the workday routine? Then why don't you forget about your computer and your cell phone and enjoy the sun? Here are five suggestions for disconnecting, as much as possible, from technology:

  1. Leave everything organized at work. If you can wind up all pending matters, the office won't bother you during your vacation. Learn how to delegate responsibility among your colleagues. As the saying goes, "You can do the same for me some time."
  2. Turn off your cell phone at lunchtime. Yes, those people who sit down with you at the table are family. Use your vacation to calmly converse with them. Any phone calls or WhatsApp messages can surely wait a little longer.
  3. E-mails can wait. There is no need to check your incoming box every five minutes. Give yourself a break and enjoy your rest. Consulting your e-mails once a day will be sufficient.
  4. Leave your device in the hotel. There are few things more pleasant than enjoying a day in the country or at the beach without worrying about the phone, the tablet or the computer.
  5. Be reunited with paper. Read a book again, leaf through a newspaper. You don't need electronic devices to enjoy a good story. And what about bringing back that custom of sending postcards? It's a more romantic way to use the "social networks".

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