Monday, May 30, 2016

Bansky in Rome: War, Capitalism & Liberty

Rome's Palazzo Cipolla hosts Guerra, Capitalismo & Libertà, the largest exhibition ever dedicated to the elusive British street artist Banksy, whose identity remains unknown.

On loan from private collections around the world, the 150 works on display feature the most celebrated motifs by the artist and political activist from Bristol, including his famous rat series.

As the title suggests, the exhibition focuses on themes central to Banksy’s work: war, capitalism and liberty.

Over the years Banksy has gained notoriety and acclaim in equal measure for his stencil graffiti paintings which provide a subversive and satirical commentary on modern-day society. From 24 May-4 September 2016


Daniel Alcalá López said...

I recently had the opportunity to visit a friend in Bristol. It's astonishing how you can't help but feel this lively, vibrant, colourful atmosphere surrounding every corner. The entire city is a museum open to the street! It can hardly be compared to other places in the UK. Totally worth the visit!


Kath Cockshaw said...

I agree with Daniel - Bristol is a great 'painted city'... You might be interested in this project: