Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Subversives: Those who seek to subvert an established social or moral order.” Indeed, this is the best adjective to define the thousands of individuals who lived their lives as constant activists in subverting legal, moral and social orders that deemed them dangerous, sinful and immoral. In a matter of 40 years, and without resorting to violence, this movement, risen from the feminist belief that the personal is political and built on skin and flesh, managed to turn a country completely on its head; a country that had for so long incarcerated, marginalized, persecuted and closeted its members.

Through visibility, insult reappropriation, the subversion of gender and sexuality, imagination, music and celebration, the Spanish LGBT movement, a prolific, plural, diverse and even contradictory force, has continued to fight, come hell or high water. It has put itself in the frontline, managing to leave behind years of darkness and step into the rainbow. Today, in 2017, we celebrate diversity as one of society’s most necessary and rewarding values. HAPPY PRIDE!

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