Monday, February 10, 2014

A2 Compound Exercise

Complete with the appropriate compound of some, any, every or no
Example: "Is there anything to drink?"

1. ______________ in class likes Melanie. She’s really a popular girl.
2. The pub was empty. There wasn’t ______________ there, so I went home.
3. “Would you like ______________ to eat, Juan?”
“No, I had ______________ before I left home, thanks.”
4. Fred’s bored today. He doesn’t have ______________ to go. I think he really needs ______________ to talk to, but all his friends are on holiday ______________ in France at the moment. Poor Fred!
5. “I left my English textbook ______________ yesterday.”
“Did you look for it?”
“Yes, I looked ______________ for it, but I couldn’t find it.”
6. The student had ______________ at all to say in class, so he didn’t open his mouth for the whole hour.
7. “I have ______________ important to tell you. Can you be quiet, please.”
8. ______________ knows English is an international language.
9. “What did you have to eat?”
“______________ ! The fridge was empty.”
“Perhaps you can get ______________ at Joe’s bar, but hurry up. It closes at 10.”
10. Susan makes friends ______________ she goes.
11. They want to buy a nice country house _____________ in the Alpujarras.

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cmg said...

ANSWER KEY in cronological order:
Everybody/Everyone, anybody/anyone, something, something, anywhere, somebody/someone, somewhere, somewhere, everywhere, nothing, something, Everybody/Everyone, Nothing, something, everywhere, somewhere