Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A2 Reading: Clothes

The world of clothes and fashion is changing. In the 1950s, men wore a suit for work and women never went out without a hat and gloves. Today, people can wear jeans and a T-shirt in the office and young men only wear a suit for interviews or weddings. Colours are also different today. People wear blue, green, yellow, and red as well as more formal colours like black, grey, and brown. My boyfriend works in an office and today he’s wearing jeans and a pink shirt!
Sports clothes are very popular today. I’m wearing jogging trousers, a T-shirt, and trainers today, but I don’t go jogging! I wear them because they are fashionable and comfortable. People sometimes wear ski jackets and walking boots or trainers when they go to the pub!
Children are also very interested in fashion. In the past, parents chose and bought clothes for children and teenagers. Now, children choose their own clothes and often like to have designer labels. My sister’s children are wearing Paul Smith jeans, Donna Karan T-shirts and Nike trainers at the moment. I think she spends more money on clothes for them than I spend on my clothes!
I like today’s fashion because it is more informal and men and women can wear the same things. I often borrow my boyfriend’s trousers, shirts, and T-shirts −but he doesn’t borrow mine!

After reading the text aloud for pronunciation practice, answer these questions:

1. How is today’s fashion different from the one in the 1950s?
2. What clothes and colours can people wear for work?
3. Does the writer wear sports clothes to go jogging?
4. Do parents choose clothes for today’s teenagers?
5. Why are children’s clothes expensive?
6. Why does the writer like today’s fashion?

Write questions for your partner:

1. How often/go shopping for clothes?
2. like/today’s fashion?
3. What/favourite clothes shop?
4. buy clothes/on the Internet?
5. How much/spend on clothes?
6. buy/designer labels?
7. What/wear for work/school/university?
8. What/wear/now?
9. What/favourite colours?
10. borrow/other people’s clothes?

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