Monday, May 19, 2014

L3 make or do?

Circle or underline the right option.

Example: What’s the most exciting journey you’ve ever done/made?

1.    If you weren’t happy with the service, you should have done/made a complaint.
2.   What do you like the least? Doing/Making your homework or the housework?
3.   Sorry, I did/made a mistake.
4.   He doesn’t like to do/make favours. He is quite selfish.
5.   Excuse me a sec. I need to do/make a phone call.
6.   Do you do/make a lot of sport?
7.   Can I do/make a suggestion?
8.   Whose turn is it to do/make the washing up and do/make the beds today?
9.   Before you hand in an exam, do/make sure to revise it first.
10.  Who does/makes the shopping in your family?
11. Although he did/made a big effort, he didn’t succeed.
12.  Did you do/make well at the interview?
13.  Don’t do/make any noise; the children are already asleep.
14.  Make up your mind. You need to do/make a decision.
15.  I did/made a promise to help them out, and I will.
16.  Have you done/made any progress with your English after taking this course?
17.   She was granted a scholarship to do/make research at the MIT.
18.  He did/made such a feeble excuse that nobody believed him.
19.  Come on! Don’t do/make a scene again! You are overreacting.
20.  Are you hungry? I can do/make a proper meal for you in no time.
21.  Let’s get organized and do/make a plan.
22.  He is such an outgoing person that he has no difficulty doing/making friends.
23.  Whatever way you do it, try to do/make your best.
24.  After doing/making several experiments, he found the magic formula.
25.  Teachers do/make exams and students do/make them.

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