Thursday, May 07, 2015

Top British Athlete Tom Daley Comes Out

Traditionally, celebrity coming-out announcements have been carefully stage-managed, dramatic and definitive. But Tom Daley's YouTube video, in which he reveals that he is in a relationship with another man, represents a new, more nuanced, way of coming out. It was a personal, heartfelt statement that said: My life has changed. I've met someone. I've fallen in love. Oh, and it's a man! He has been praised for his courage and hailed as a role model. Tom Daley's video is definetely touching (and hopefully inspiring for others). Daley responded to the positive feedback from fans and celebrities with a Twitter post on Monday afternoon: "Overwhelmed by all the support! Means the world! Thanks so much, guys." 
Congratulations, Tom! Well done for sharing it. It takes guts.
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+Tom Daley praised as role model...

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