Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Composition Format

How to hand in an essay at university.
These instructions will help you improve your written English. Please follow them.

1. Write your composition on an A4 sheet (folio). If you type up your composition, use a size 12 typeface; do not write this small! do not write this small!

2. If you have access to a word processor, you might want to use it; if not, write it clearly by hand. Do not cross out words; hand in a clean composition. No tachaduras, please!

3. Write your full name, your group number, the composition number and the date on the top right-hand side corner:
Juan Pérez López
English 303
Composition 5
21st/22nd/23rd/24th Februrary 2013

4. Give your composition a title and write it in bold (negrita) or underline it.

5. Divide your text in paragraphs.

6. Write double-spaced.

7. When possible, incorporate the language you have learned so far in this course and/or in previous levels into your composition: phrasal verbs, idioms, reported speech, relative clauses, conditionals, new lexical items, etc.

8. Read the Punctuation Rules published on this blog and use them correctly. For example, add connectors (followed by commas) to link sentences or paragraphs. (First,… On the one hand,… On the other hand,… Nevertheless,… In fact,… However,… Finally,… Frankly,... etc.)

9. If you can't remember how to spell a word properly, look it up in the dictionary. (For example, is it ocassion or occasion?) Or, if you are using a word processor, activate the English spellchecker. This will save you any spelling mistakes.

10. Please, write only the number of words required: 100 words in Level 1, 125 words in Level 2, and 150 words in Level 3.

11. Meet the deadline and hand in your composition in class on the assigned date or during my tutoring hours. All compositions are compulsory!

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