Thursday, March 31, 2011

L3 Modal Verb Exercises_Mar

Complete with the appropriate tense/form of a modal auxiliary verb (e.g. CAN/ MAY/SHOULD/MUST/NEED etc.) and the appropriate form of the verb in parentheses.

Exercise A
I was delighted last Friday when my boss told me that I ____________________________ (work) that afternoon as we’d already done all the important business. I _____________________________ (do) any Christmas shopping before that, so I took the opportunity to go round the shops for a couple of hours, but when I got back home I realised my keys weren’t in my handbag. I remembered putting them into my bag when I left the office, so I decided they __________________________ (fall) out somehow while I was shopping. That was the only explanation. My neighbours have a spare key and although it was a bit early, I thought that if I was lucky they _____________________________ (have) dinner just then, but no-one answered the door. Luckily, another neighbour lent me a ladder, and with great difficulty, I ___________________________ (get) in through an extremely small open window upstairs.

Exercise B
One of the best places to go on a trekking holiday is the Australian outback, but I don’t think you ____________________________ (go) unless you’ve got some experience. I ____________________________ (be) about 18 when I first went there because I had already left school. Unfortunately, I got bitten by a snake. We’d been told to look out for them, so I ___________________________ (hide) in the bushes to get a better look at a kangaroo without making sure there weren’t any snakes first. I was very lucky because the guide reacted really quickly and ___________________________ (get) the poison out, but my leg was very painful and they ______________________________ (take) me to the nearest hospital where I was given several injections and that was the end of my trekking holiday.

Exercise C
A) I'm sorry I didn't go to the beach with you last weekend. If I ____________________ (work) on Saturday, I would certainly have gone. You look tanned, so the weather ______________________ (be) good.
B) Yes, much better than here. By the way, did you know that Patricia has lost her job in the clothes shop?
A) What? She ______________________ (give) the sack already! She only started working there last week!
B) Well, it seems that a lot of money went missing from the till and the owner accused her of taking it.
A) Patricia is incapable of stealing. In fact, she ______________________ (be) the most honest person I know. Perhaps another shop assistant took it or it ______________________ (even/steal) by the shop manager.

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