Tuesday, March 27, 2012

L3 Prepositions

Fill in the gap with the correct preposition.

1. We requested an answer __________ them, but so far they haven’t replied.

2. Her refusal __________ show her ID made the police officer even madder.

3//4. The lady wasn’t happy __________ the deal I offered her and insisted __________ speaking to the manager.

5//6 -How did Mary succeed __________ winning the race?

- __________ taking a shortcut!

7//8//9. I’m fed up __________ this kind of work. In fact, I need a complete change __________ lifestyle. The only problem is that I don’t know how to go __________ it!

10. __________ some of the teachers, there was strong dissatisfaction after the administration proposed to have exams on Saturday.

11. Both sides finally reached some sort of compromise __________ some of the most conflictive issues.

12//13. Tommy and Timmy jumped up and down __________ excitement when Helen said she was going to take them __________ the trip.

14. It was John’s dependency __________ his best friend that eventually destroyed his marriage.

15//16. I hate to remind you __________ this, but I always said you couldn’t rely __________ her.

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cmg said...

ANSWER KEY in cronological order:
from, to, with, on, in, By, with, of, about, Among, on, with, on, on, about, on