Thursday, April 28, 2011

Turkey's Islamization?

Young lovers gathered on a bus in Istanbul last Saturday to make a kissing protest following last week’s “sex bus” incident.

On April 17, a fight broke out between a bus driver and a couple (boy+girl) he accused of being too intimate after he allegedly warned the couple, saying, “This is not a place for sex.”An investigation into the event was launched the following day.

The protest took place in İstanbul on Saturday night when a group of lovers gave each other passionate kisses on an İETT (İstanbul's municipal bus company) in İstanbul.

The peaceful protest took place as a reaction to last week's incident; according to reports, a young straight couple were removed from an İETT bus after boarding the bus hand-in-hand and staying ‘too close’. “This is not a sex-bus!” yelled the bus-driver, according to the victims of the weird intervention and to witnesses.

It was only six days after the incident when an facebook-organised crowd of couples gathered on an İETT bus in central Taksim (İstanbul's most popular square) and sent chills down an İETT driver’s spine! The group of couples kissed each other on the bus in front of the wide-eyed bus driver and his other ‘common’ passengers, in support of the couple who was removed from another bus about a week ago.


Antonio said...

We live in a world where we have to hide ourselves to make love, while the violence is made at the light of day...
John Lennon

Anonymous said...

I do not want to live in this country anymore. Everything is forbidden:(
A youth from Turkey.