Sunday, October 04, 2009

Flamenco Project

Flamenco has attracted significant international interest since the early 1900s. The 1960s and 1970s witnessed an unprecedented "foreign invasion" of committed and adventurous musicians traveling far from their homes and cultures to experience flamenco first-hand in the pueblos of Andalusia. Many not only lived the life and studied the music, but also documented their experience at its heart and core with photographs, audio recordings and films. It was an extraordinary period of cross-cultural exchange made possible by the generosity and openness of many of the great flamenco artists of the 20th Century.

The Flamenco Photo Project consists of a growing collection of more than one hundred images culled from the work of 12 photographers, all non-Spaniards and lovers of the art of Flamenco. They have seen things as others have not, bringing a fresh and vivid point of view to the visual history of the Flamencos from 1960 to 1985. The Flamenco Project is dedicated to assembling, preserving and publishing these unique documents of that memorable time.

The Flamenco Project Collection is now on display at two of the Cajasol exhibitions halls in Seville (Sala Imagen + Sala Chicarreros) until November 1st. A must-see! You can access the online photo gallery by clicking on the title link above.

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