Sunday, September 20, 2009

100% Tarantino

A band of US soldiers facing death by firing squad for their misdeeds are given a chance to save themselves - by heading into the perilous no-man's lands of Nazi-occupied France on a suicide mission for the Allies... Inglorious Basterds is Quentin Tarantino at his best! Spoken in English, German, French (and a little Italian, enough to make you crack up in your seat), make sure to watch it in the original version, as regional accents do play an important role in the storyline. If you weren't a Tarantino fan before, your are surely bound to become one after this hair-raising thriller! A truly cathartic anti-Nazi experience. Watched it only last night and I am still palpitating with excitement :) A must-see film!

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Guillelgas said...

it was really fun that I'm in Finland and I didn't know that the film is mostly in French and German...

So I was a Spanish watching a film in English,German,French,a little italian and with Finnish and Swedish subtitles...7 languages in a film.. my brain was exploding

greetings from Helsinki