Friday, November 25, 2016

Traffic Warden_short film

A short film by Donald Rice (UK, 2004)
There is nothing like a good short film. A simple plot, words gone, this film proves why short films are still the best and most complete art form. Director Donald Rice portrays love at first sight wonderfully and proves that this simple plot is such a universal, if not dreamy, understanding amongst everyone, no matter who they are. Words then become useless, and any little push the audience needs in the right direction is shown written, on signs along the way. People like twists on old favourites, and that is what makes this film so charming.
This short film contains almost no dialogue, but is clever, touching, and funny. The acting is brilliant, especially considering the constraints of time and scope. Actor David Tennant especially shines as the traffic warden who might make you think twice about saying mean things next time you get a parking ticket.
The music, the setting, and the characters unite to create a piece of art that is harmonious and a treat for the eyes and ears. Extra little touches add a layer of clever creativity that elevates it from good to great. Enjoy it!


Angela Parody said...

I've had a good time with this video..jeje..thanks ;)

Guillelgas said...

"We're sorry, this video is no longer available."

I'm going to look for the video directly on youtube..

Guillelgas said...

I think that this is the link: