Saturday, March 07, 2009



Greenpeace has launched a new film targeting gas guzzling 4x4s. Using the language, style and production values of traditional car adverts, the film subverts TV tactics and challenges the image portrayed by the advertising industry of 4x4 drivers escaping their urban environment for the freedom of the open road. Greenpeace took advice from advertising industry insiders before producing the film.

The advert satirises the aspirational images and glossy marketing used by motor manufacturers to encourage car drivers to purchase an urban 4x4. In the film a city employee encounters distain from his fellow employees, but only at the end of the film does the viewer learn why – he owns a city gas guzzler. The ad ends with the line, ‘What does your car say about you?’The film urges car buyers to think about the consequences of their choices and not be suckered by car industry advertising.

John Sauven, Greenpeace communications director, said: ‘Confronting the car advertising industry has never been more important. As climate change threatens our existence on this planet we cannot let the advertisers off the hook. Showing images of urban 4x4s driving across an arctic wilderness is insane given that the polar ice caps are melting due to the inefficient use of fossil fuels. We need to challenge head on the language and images that make 4x4s attractive, exposing the reality when you get behind the wheel. That’s what this film is about.’


Anonymous said...

At the end or in the end of the film?

cmg said...

at the end of the film_cmg